Jodi Borrello - Comedian
New Orleans
A native New Orleanian, Jodi brings her comedic style to the world with the flavor that remains true to where she lives, was born, raised, and hey she can see all of her family in 10 minutes! A comedian with all the makings of
 the next one...

Jodi In Kuwait - entertaining our troops.
Love to all the men and women
serving in our Armed Forces!
"Some people laughed so hard they cried..."
Los Angeles Times

"Jodi Borrello is that rare breed of comedian in two respects: A) She doesn't curse and B) She's successful at it."
Chris Rose, Times Picayune

"Friedman cites New Orleans-born comedian Jodi Borrello as an example of an up-and-coming talent he does like. Sample: "You'd think people in Las Vegas would be different than us here in New Orleans. But, they're not. They're all walking around saying, 'I lost everything. I lost the car. I lost the house ...'" And, there's not an f-word in it."
Budd Friedman, Founder of
The World Famous Improv

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